What is waist training – Don’t get stuck between trainers and corsets

You have heard the hype about waist training and the celebs who wear it. What’s waist training exactly? Waist training means to the practice of wearing the constricting garment to reduce the size of your waistline via such as corset or shape-wear or waist cinchers. Waist trainer garments consider more benefit than risks. Any product has both benefit and risk, so waist trainers have low risk but many benefits such as creating an hourglass waist and improve posture and losing weight. Many in the medical community are in favor of using the waist trainer and able to use it as daily regimen routine so you must be aware of the proper usage of optimal results.

History of Waist Training

Waist training is also called waist cinching. In the 20th century Europe, waist training has begun to get famous, and then to the United States. Women of the past era started waist training using corsets, and its purposes able to relief back pain also create hourglass figure instantly effect. In ancient times, people think the smaller waistline woman is beautiful. Corset can be worn inside or outside the clothes but that time women prefer worn outside of the clothing is seen as a fashion statement. By over-time, corsets were later replaced by waist trainers, but the corset was still much loved by some.  Remember neither to compare the corset with the waist trainer/cincher nor to mix them called the terms of “waist trainer corset.”

Types of Waist Training Garments

There only corset and waist trainer considered as a garment that able to achieved waist training results. Again remind don’t mix the term as “waist trainer corset,” no such thing. Steel boned corsets are made from a strong, yet flexible fabric (cotton/ satin/leather/mesh) and reinforced with spiral/ flat steel boning to provide the corset a mighty strength for pulling in your waist to highlighting the curve of your hips and bust line. The laces of the corset can help to tighten to the preferred firmness and making it very customization.

Waist trainers are made from a combination of nylon, latex, or cotton, some with steel or plastic boning. Waist trainer usually uses for increasing thermal activity in the midsection to stimulate more perspiration. Waist trainer can flatten your stomach if you carry weight in your tummy also give you more of waistline but not the same curves result as a steel boned corset.


Steel Boned Corset

Waist Trainer/Cincher

what's waist training corset front and back shop4fun
Waist Training - Corsets Front and Back
what's waist training cincher front and back shop4fun
Waist Training - Cinchers/Trainers Front and Back 
  • Material: cotton/leather/satin
  • Avg.Inches off Your Waist: 3" to 6"
  • Construction: steel boning/ steel busks in front/ laces in back
  • Material: latex/ nylon/ spandex
  • Avg.Inches off Your Waist: 1" to 2"
  • Construction: eyes-and-hooks closures/ plastic or steel boning
  • Hourglass Shape
  • Tight-lacing
  • Back Support
  • Lasts a Lifetime
  • Breathable
  • Can wear while working out
  • Less bulky
  • More comfortable to sleep in
  • Easy to put on
  • Inflexible
  • Time Consuming to Lace
  • More Expensive
  • Not breathable
  • Less style options
  • Less sturdy/ won't last as long
  • Can't tighten down (no laces)

Benefits and Misconceptions

Wearing waist-cinching garments can provide temporary body benefits like a smaller waistline and an overall perfect curved appearance, as well as some health benefits. Also, for a long time wearing a corset or waist trainer able to make the wearer have excellent back support and posture control benefits because it has the effect of binding and cinching.

The elastic/ rubber/ boning material of the waist cincher able to provided that wearer added abdominal support which helpful in reminding you to sit up straight correctly all day and limit you over-eat. Waist training is just to remember you to exercise your abdomen daily. Many U.S. / U.K Orthopedics Doctor have said: “Waist training helps one activates their abdomens core muscles and corrective a good posture.” Waist training should be a part of an addition to your healthy diet and exercise regimen instead of an alternative.

Risk of Waist Training

Any products have their benefits and risks, so the waist trainers are no exception. Some common issues are decreased abdominal muscle tone, and atrophy of the abdominal walls, as well as visceral displacement. Many doctors admit that there is a risk – if not done correctly. What’re the means? It means that a right waist training effects are happened by over time instead of immediately. Therefore, you should not wear a waist trainer too tight or too long to get faster results.

Buy a waist trainer

Make sure your waist training is safe and correctly, there have two things to consider while buying a waist trainer which are the size and materials used in the construction. Many waist trainers contain latex, so to who have latex allergies should be cautious. We recommend you buy a cotton waist trainer or either wearing a thin vest under the cinchers to avoid allergies.

Sizing is very critical for proper use and to avoid associated risks, due to not all waist trainers are created equal. A fit size waist trainer is the key to comfort and gets results, just like a bra. Waist Training Expert of SHOP4FUN suggest that buy the larger one if you are between sizes, you can adjust the tightness by hooks-and-eyes. To extend the lifespan of your waist trainer and its shape, you should clean it with mild soap.

I believe you have the necessary knowledge of the waist training, also know their features help many people (included celebrities) get the perfect waist curve, and weight decreased. So are you ready waist training as part of your daily health regimen routine?