Waist Trainer- Best Useful Exercises

workout waist trainer- best useful exercises
Useful Waist Trainer Exercises

Exercising with a waist trainer such as Colombian Waist Trainer by SHOP4FUN is an excellent way to intensify your exercises. The waist trainer is designed to generated heat to stimulate on your abdomen which makes you discharge more perspiration from the body. Is there any waist trainer exercises also can do it?

However, we don’t suggest doing the abdominal workout with the restrictiveness of a waist trainer, but there are still many of sweat-induced and muscle strengthening techniques you can be applied which can give you a useful workout which can make you reach good results.

Let’s we show you the useful waist trainer exercises:

  • Cardio Exercise

You will get sweating even more while you are doing cardio exercises including run, stair stepper, treadmill, indoor cycling, etc.

  • Squat Exercise

waist trainer exercises- squat workout

Doing butt and thigh strengthening exercise with a proper form by maintaining a flat back, but wearing a waist trainer will provide extra help with that. It is advice hold dumbbells for an extra fat burn if you can.

  • Plank Exercise

waist trainer exercises- plank workout

Plank included standard, forearm, Knee, Side, Single-Leg, etc. Do them from your elbows or with straight arms which purpose is to train your abs, and it may double up your result while you wear a waist trainer.

  • Reverse Lunges Exercise

waist trainer exercises- reverse lunges workout

It just simple exercises, doing this from a standing position step back with one leg, and bend your knees until close to the ground. Then back to the starting position, this time turning to the other side.

  • Upright Rows Exercise

waist trainer exercises- upright rows workout

Use dumbbells or barbell for this shoulder workout. You have to stand with your feet shoulder width apart at first, and then holding the dumbbells in front of you, and raise it up to armpit level while you bend your elbows. Also, wearing waist trainer can prevent your back get damage during doing upright rows exercises.

  • Reverse Fly Exercise

waist trainer exercises- reverse fly workout

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and holding two dumbbells. Then, bend your knees too, and tilt forward and keep your back flat just like almost parallel to the ground. Keep your elbows straight, and then raising up your arms to make it shape like “T.” Slowly return to position and repeat it few times.

  • Ab Prep Workout

Lye your body down, make sure your feet flat on the floor then let bent your knees. Inhale and push your chin into your chest, and then exhale with slowly raise your head and make sure your neck and shoulders are clear of the ground while straightening your arms to your feet. Take a breath with holding the position and slowly return to the place, then repeat.

  • Roll Up Workout

Body lie flat with your arms stretched out behind your head. Then bend forward, make sure touching your toes with both hands, and keeping this position for a second or two before returning to original post.

  • Leg Drop Workout

Your arms and body are lying down on the floor, and then lift your legs towards the ceiling. Inhale with tightening your abs, and then exhale with lower your legs until about 4 inches off the ground. Keeping 1 or 2 seconds and lift your legs back toward the ceiling.

  • Scissors Workout

Body lie down with your feet lift towards the ceiling, then slowly lowers one leg down which about 6 inches off the floor. Raise your head and shoulders off the floor to grab another leg once your leg is in position, and then gently pull your legs towards you. After that, switching legs and repeats.

  • Hips Lift Workout

Laying body flat and lift up your feet toward the ceiling. Inhale while raising your hips from the floor, and exhale while you’re slowly lower down your hips.

  • Torso Twist Workout

Sit down with keep your back straight, and tighten your abs. Then slowly rotate your upper body 45 degrees to the right and return to the position, and switching to turn left.

These exercises are required repetitions in up to 3 sets, and one sets means usually go for at least eight reps. By the overtime, you can increase the number of repetitions. If you’re looking for better results, try using the five best reviews waist trainer.

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