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Premadonna Waist Training
Premadonna Waist Training

Who is Premadonna?

A named “Premadonna” participated fourth seasons of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (known as LHHATL). Many people start to interest want to know more about Premadonna real name and her outfit -Premadonna Waist Trainer and waist shaper.

What is Premadonna real name?

Premadonna real name called Nakeitha Felder, she aspired to be a model and be a rapper. Premadonna has been several career changes over the years, and Premadonna waist trainer just maybe one of part business. Premadonna claimed on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL) that she has a billion dollar business, but just perhaps a propaganda tactics of her waist trainer business to build brand awareness.

Premadonna waist trainer/shaper go viral on Instagram

Besides that, Premadonna Nakeitha Felder is the leader of waist-gang society which the members included Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Cassie and Blac Chyna Celebs, etc. You can often to see them post their photo of wearing a waist trainer on Instagram as a personal “endorsements,” and successful go viral on Instagram.Therefore, many women desired to have a sexy curves waist like them then start to their Premadonna waist training regimens. (Assumption: Maybe is a business strategy to increase their waist trainer/shaper price. Who does know actually?)

Where to buy Premadonna waist trainer/shaper?

Personal Website: There have many selections of waist training garments included Premadonna trainer and best-recommended waist trainer even there has selling best waist trainer for plus size women. In fact, you should choose a right waist trainer to fit you instead of an expensive brand. Usually those like SHOP4FUN, Angelcurves, Royallioness willing to give you useful advice if you need any help.
E-commerce: You can find variety of waist shaper and trainer there, but you don’t know which waist trainer is good to you because most of my customers face same problems previously.
Gym Center: Typically large workout center has selling workout waist belt and trainer but few option only.

These Celebs Join Premadonna Waist Gang Society:

Waist Training-Premadonna waist gang society
Premadonna Waist Training: Waist Gang Society
premadonna waist trainer before and after 2
Premadonna Waist Trainer Before and After by Kim K 
Premadonna waist trainer before and after 1
Premadonna Waist Trainer Before and After by Khloe K

Personal Opinion

Premadonna waist trainer is one of the famous waist trainer brands because this is the first brands to go supernova online. In fact, Premadonna brand waist trainers appear to be aimed at the celebrity market because they have the spending power. They know celebrities willing to spend any price to buy a garment that looks nice, so that why its price is almost double that of other brands.
If you are serious about starting your waist training, you should choose a quality waist trainer. The Premadonna brand is no better than other brands, so you should consider other brands which you may be surprised to get the cheap price waist trainer but quality same as “waist-gang society” Premadonna brand.
For those of us who like to spend money but don’t earn much money like celebrities, I really can’t afford to buy a Premadonna brand either I will pay the price to buy a better workout garments.